Screen Wizard LED Writing Boards Represent A Sound Business-Building Tool…

Welcome to The Screen Wizzard Company which has been the pioneer company offering our LED screen writing boards which present a NEW, INNOVATIVE, and EXCITING marketing solution to you whether you are in Retail or any customer facing business.

Screen Wizard led writing boards low cost marketing
Screen Wizzard neon writing boards for perfect low cost marketing

Screen Wizard has created a neon glowing,  brighter marketing solution which will illuminate your retail shop window, or till point/counter displays. Guaranteed to attract the attention of more customers and bring more foot-traffic to your business.

Hundreds of leading businesses across the country are now realizing the brighter marketing potential of LED writing screens.

Our screens are used (and loved) by lots of great businesses that include – People’s Supermarket, and Praesepe PLC). They appreciate the value of an instant, low cost, and long-lasting marketing solution which will help sales and attract attention to your outlet.

The Screen Wizard LED Writing Boards Great Low Cost Marketing giving A Fast ROI (Return On Investment)

  • The Screen Wizard creates plenty of recession-proof profit opportunities for a wide range of retail businesses
  • It represents a cost-effective marketing which boosts sales and increases turnover
  • Our Screens have great reviews from those that have used them.

Screen Wizard Reviews

We have great reviews from hundreds of satisfied customers. The screen wizard writing boards are exceptional value and the pay back is almost instant. As soon as you turn on your board it’s message will shine like a beacon drawing customers to your door. And the beauty is that you can change the message once per hour, day, per week, per month. The choice is yours.

Watch the video for a selection of real reviews of screen wizard from genuine customers:-

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